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About The Book

Processics: The Cure For Liberalism 

The future of science should be seamlessly fused with religion.  Christians are repeatedly bombarded with demands to 'trust the science', but we know that we can't trust all of the scientists.  How can we put the trust back into science?  What should we do with our liberal friends, relatives and coworkers?  Most importantly, how can we save the world from tyranny?

An archeologist takes a photograph of an ancient artifact.  A medical researcher takes an X-ray of a sick person.  The ancient artifact and the sick person are both forms of physical evidence.  The photograph and the X-ray are functions being performed on physical evidence.  Most information comes to us in the form of functions, but are the functions trustworthy.  Are the archeologist and medical researcher trustworthy?  

We must start by collecting trustworthy functions, next we must process those functions into trustworthy causation assignments.  That's where liberals differ from conservatives.  Liberals actively seek out deceptive functions.  When presented with trustworthy functions, they still insist on processing that information into deceptive causation assignments.  

Why do liberals love false information so much?  If you can answer that question, you have found a cure for liberalism.  That's what Processics does.  It answers all of your questions.  It shows you how to cure liberalism.  If you order online now, you can have the cure delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.  

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