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The Beginning of the End of Liberalism


Liberalism is not a benign condition. There are too many people, who favor false information. By deprogramming these people, we can take back controle of this country.  We can end election fraud, reform education and replace liberal politicians. This book gives you easy-to-use instructions on how to convince liberals that the truth is true.  It's all based on Christianity.  

If an archeologist holds a rock in his hand, they are holding physical evidence. If they take a picture of that rock, they are performing a function on that rock. Most of the information that you believe, comes to you by way of functions.  Some functions are trustworthy, others are deceptive. The trustworthy functions should always be processed into trustworthy causation assignments. Unfortunately, liberals don't think like that.


Liberals can be presented with irrefutable, trustworthy functions (like chest cam footage), and they will still process that information into deceptive causation assignments.  They might go so far as to replace trustworthy functions with deceptive functions (like edited cell phone videos).  Why do they do that?  How can you help them develope a preference for the truth?  Why are devout Christians less likely to be liberal?  For the price of a book, you can find all the answers.  

This book is only eighty-six pages long.  It takes about an hour and a half to read.  It can be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.  You will start to see results right away, but the process can take years to be fully effective.  Don't waiste any more time.  Order now.  



Processics: Because every liberal is a potential conservative

  • My name is Charles Black, and this is my latest masterpeace.  You might know me as "The Bearded Teacher" or "The Bearded Priest".  While I was in New York, I wrote some of the most prolific chain mails in history, then I moved to Utah.  I'm no longer being harrased by the NYPD or the Democratics.  I have the freedom to publish a book, and make money.  My latest work could be on your doorstep in a matter of days.  

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